Anchor text has been around since the invention of the internet. Anchor text strategy plays a significant role in SEO practices which boost the website ranking. The evolution of the Google algorithm over the years forced marketers to stop over-optimization of links. But using Anchor text wisely can increase your ranking and overall user experience. Let’s learn what an Anchor text is and how to optimize it for the best results.


Anchor text is simply a clickable text in a hyperlink that directs you to a new URL or a page. Anchor text can be seen as a blue underlined text by default. Anchor texts play a vital role in On-page as well as Off-page SEO techniques. It also enhances the overall user experience and helps make site navigation easier. Want to learn more about SEO Services visit SEO Company in Adelaide.

Link building using Anchor text

Link building is one of the most important aspects of the ranking factor in the Google algorithm. It is commonly known as a backlink. Backlinks are links pointing to your site from other websites. Linking with high authority sites will boost the status of your site. This will help you rank high in the search engine result pages of Google. Anchor texts are commonly used for backlinking purposes. Using descriptive anchor text increases the relevance and context of the link.

Internal links are links from one page to another on the same website. Internal links are used to navigate through your site. Search engines use internal links to navigate and establish an information hierarchy for the given website. Using relevant anchor text in your articles with related topics your visitors would like to read is a good strategy for increasing engagement. Meaningful contextual links in your content will also help rank your site more in SERP.

Tips for improving your anchor text

  • Keep it natural – Make sure the added link is relevant to your content.
  • Contextual links – Use text which is a short description of the content of the link.
  • False links – Don’t use misleading links which lead to irrelevant pages.
  • Keywords – Use keywords as anchor texts.
  • Naked URL – Don’t use naked URL links.

Different types of anchor text

  • Exact-match Anchor – Exact match contains the exact keywords that are optimized for the ranking of your page. This type of keyword
  • Partial-match Anchor – Partial-match contains some part of the targeted keyword.
  • Naked URL link – It is the URL of the destination page you want to link.
  • Generic Anchor – These are the anchor text commonly used like “READ MORE”
  • Branded Anchor – Branded anchor contains a specific brand name or website.


To sum up, Anchor text strategy plays a big role in the SEO and ranking of your site. However, stuffing your site with anchor text will get you penalized. So for best results use anchor text that is relevant to your content and also include your keywords accordingly.