How We Scaled 8.8x ROAS
For Origani at Just $284 and about 26+ Orders
in Under 1 Month

Increase Conversions

Laser Focused Targeting

Low CPA and Increased AOV

The Problem

A popular Organic beauty products brand came to us to help grow their brand. They were successfully managing their retargeting ads in house, and getting rather amazing results. 

However, they onboarded us to manage their ads for our out of the box ideas and thought-provoking audience strategies which we tested out for them.

We did a laser targeting to reach a new audience and also tried building on their existing sales by reaching a warmer audience with tailored ad messages.

"Tested and Received about 3.49x ROAS even through Facebook.
But we analysed that Google Adwords works the best for Beauty Brands which got us 8.8x ROAS for Low CPA."

The Solution


They came onboard with us and we set out to develop a strategy that would help them reach new audiences, engage with their previous customers and followers and continue to see success with retargeting. We focused on testing audiences and copy to start with. As they have such a broad target market it was easier for us to identify key markets and identify potential success groups this way.


Also since Origani was an esteemed brand, there already was enough brand recognition. But when they onboarded with us, we understood that when we run ads retargeting can’t be your only focus if you are trying to scale the revenue.


We did a split test with a lot of creatives and audiences. We also tested out different ad platforms – Bing ads, Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Of those Bing ads had less reach. In Facebook we could generate about 3.5x ROAS for an ad spend of $696.


But when we had launched ad campaigns on Google. Voila! That’s the platform which worked for Origani and gave us low cost per Acquisition and Higher average order value.

Facebook Ads - Origani with 3.49x ROAS

The Results

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10xGrowth has helped us achieve 165% Growth in the matter of 5 months
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